I'm having trouble launching/installing Islands of Insight

If you are having trouble launching Islands of Insight, we have some troubleshooting steps for you to try.

1. Ensure Islands of Insight is up to date

Downloads and updates can be managed via Steam's Download Manager, found by clicking "Downloads" at the bottom of the Steam client. From here you can track the progress of your downloads, schedule updates, re-order your update queue and see which updates have been completed.

2. Ensure Windows is up to date

More information about how to update Windows can be found here.

3. Ensure DirectX is up to date

More information about how to update DirectX can be found here

4. Ensure that your audio/video drivers are up to date

More information about how to update your audio/video drivers can be found here.

5. Ensure that Islands of Insight isn't being blocked by Windows firewall

If you are on a shared network (such as university Wi-Fi) it's possible their firewall may be blocking your connection.

  • Additionally, attempting to disable any proxies you have may also help with your connection. More information about this can be found here.

6. Verify Game Files

Instructions on how to verify your game files on Steam can be found here.

7.  Uninstall Oculus Software

If you have the Oculus App or any Oculus software installed on your PC, please uninstall it in order to get the game running.

8. Steam is Offline error

If you are unable to launch Islands of Insight because Steam is showing up as offline, you can follow the instructions here.

9. If you are unable to launch the game, re-install Islands of Insight

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